World's Most Beautiful French Actress Brigitte Bardot, Who Had More Than 100 Affairs.

Brigitte Bardot is that 1950s famous actress, who is still called the most beautiful French actress in the world.

Brigitte Bardot gave so many bold films in her career that she had created a new record in bold films. 

Her films is so bold that once the American theater owners were even jailed for showing her film in their theaters.

Brigitte Bardot has admitted in one of her interviews that she had more than 100 affairs in her life, and also she has done 4 marriages so far.

But his childhood was not so colorful, She had to live very disciplined at home.

Even Her mother used to choose frends for her.

Once Brigitte's father beat her 20 whips because she accidentally broke a flower pot.

After that Her father had instructed her not to call him father.

Brigitte Bardot's film career spanned almost 25 years, which is full of controversy.

During her film career, She had affairs with everyone from film director to bartender. 

Brigitte Bardot is still alive. She is 88 years old, and living in France.

Brigitte Bardot was never happy with her childhood as her parents were strict. On the other hand, She had a disease called amblyopia, due to which she almost blind with his left eye.

Brigitte Bardot's life story is very interesting and sad. Please read it for atleast once.