Ram Setu's Collection fall sharply on the third day

Ram Setu has earned Rs 8.75 crore on the third day, taking its total earnings to 35 crores.

The same Ajay Devgan's Thank God film was able to earn only Rs 4.15 crores on the third day, taking its total earning to 15.25 crores.

On Diwali where Akshay Kumar brought his full of adventure journey Ramsetu film, and the same Ajay Devgan brought the film Thank God, which calculates the sins and virtues.

The 3 days box office collection of both films is revealed.

Looking at the collection, it is known that at present, Akshay Kumar's film is running heavy.

Akshay Kumar's Ram Setu has beaten Ajay Devgan's Thank God at the box office.

At present, Akshay Kumar's Ram Setu film is maintaining a slight hold at the box office. The film had earned Rs 15.25 crore on the first day.

The film earned Rs 11.40 crores on the second day and around 8.75 crores on the third day.

The total 3-day box office collection of Akshay Kumar's Ram Setu film is 35.40 crores.

Perhaps Akshay Kumar will take a sigh of relief after seeing this collection, as his last three films have licked the dust at the box office.